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Audio Interface รุ่น US-2x2 ซึ่งได้รับความสนใจอย่างมาก เพราะรูปทรงที่แข็งแรงทาน feature ที่ครบครันกับการใช้งาน และจุดเด่นเลยคือ เทคโนโลยี ultra HDDA mic preamp ที่จะให้เสียงที่สะอาดและเสียง noise ที่เงียบที่สุด

Tascam : US-2X2

2-channel audio interface with 2 Ultra-HDDA mic preamps and Cubase LE 9.

TASCAM's US-2x2 features a new ergonomic design and some of the best audio specifications available for the ultimate 2-channel interface for home, project, and mobile studios. A pair of TASCAM's Ultra-HDDA mic/line preamps provide up to 57dB of gain with nearly inaudible noise and distortion specs. The audio design features high-performance, musical components like NE5532 op-amps for rich sound quality without coloring the source.

The 2-in/2-out audio interface is powered through its USB 2.0 connection or an optional power adapter. Driverless operation is possible for plug-and-play operation on Mac OSX and iOS devices like the iPad, and a simple driver adds ASIO compatibility for Windows. MIDI in and out are also included for connecting synths, drum machines, and controllers. The interface includes Cubase LE 9. 

With Cubase LE you can turn your Mac or PC into a beautiful and easy-to-use music studio. This compact DAW offers you all the basic tools for recording, editing and mixing everything from the initial musical idea to the final track. Cubase LE assists you during the creative process — whether you are a songwriter, guitar player, vocalist or electronic music producer, Cubase has the right tools and features at hand.

With solid audio specs, iOS compatibility, and an easy-to-read angled design, the US-2x2 is the perfect choice for desktop and mobile studios.


  • Two mic/line inputs
  • Two Ultra-HDDA mic preamps
  • Two balanced line outputs
  • Built-in DSP mixer for low-latency mixing
  • Supports both Mac and Windows
  • Includes Cubase LE 9 production software 


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